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Inspire.  Motivate.  Guide.


With the help of a Health & Wellness Coach, you can live your life with intention to achieve the life of your dreams!

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With positive, but frank discussions, we will untangle what has you stuck.


Together, we will co-create a plan to achieve your desired change.


I will guide you through achieving your goals and taking personal responsibility to achieve them.

Ready to make a change?

Want to make a change in your career, your relationship, your drinking, your life? Know you want to make this change but just can’t make it happen?  I can help you get from where you are, to where you dream to be.

Through coaching, we will work together to permanently shift your thought and behavior patterns to generate the outcomes you want in your life.

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Dodging Diabetes Blueprint Webinar

A 45 minute investment in your health. And life.

Want to live a life without diabetes?

By the end of this training, you’ll understand 5 lessons to help you say ‘goodbye’ to diabetes, so you can stop second guessing everything you eat!

I’m Lauren,  a Functional Medicine Health Coach and a Certified Culinary Nutrition Instructor, and the founder of the Dodging Diabetes Blueprint. I’ve lived through not recognizing my expanding body, cranky moods, and tiredness until I learned how I could easily take control of my body’s blood sugars and live life on my terms!  I’m passionate about helping others eliminate their insulin resistance challenges so they too can live healthy carefree lives free of the debilitating disease diabetes.

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Topic: Dodging Diabetes Blueprint Webinar

Dodging Diabetes Blueprint

Craving Construction Method

12 week online group coaching program
Lauren works with busy middle-aged women to balance their blood sugars despite their chaotic schedules by harnessing the subconscious mind to construct cravings for healthy food and the joy of movement. Join us to lose weight, avoid the chronic illness of diabetes and all its complications, and have the energy needed to tackle the challenges in your busy life!

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Glass half full

Lauren always brings a new perspective to my challenges. Definitely with a ‘glass half full’ mindset, she helps me reframe situations so I can see a path with positiveness and full of possibilities.

Sue J.

Fun and informative

I had the pleasure of attending a hands-on cooking workshop with Lauren and not only was it one of the most fun experiences I’ve had recently, but I walked away with so much information and tips on health and wellness!

Sam S.


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